Battisti Law Group

At Battisti Law Group, we set out to create a full-service law firm that works in concert with their clients to solve problems. With a full roster of both individual and business clients, Battisti Law Group specializes in the evaluation of insurance policies, and the processing of claims. When necessary, Battisti Law Group is ready and able to take the matter to Court, where our firm has had considerable success over the years.

At Battisti Law Group, we believe that a law firm should not just be a resource for our clients when things go wrong. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so our objective is to establish a relationship with our clients where we can take steps to avoid problems from the outset. And when matters do require a more strenuous response, a well-orchestrated legal strategy that is begun at the outset of our representation improves our chances for success.

Before you make a mistake that may cost you thousands of dollars, we urge you to take advantage of our “Free Consultation” box on this page to have someone take a look at your policies to make sure that what you have, is in fact what you believe you actually purchased. You may be surprised to learn just what may be lurking in your insurance contracts.