Battisti Law Group was established by Steven Battisti, Esquire on January 1, 2018, along with his partners, Alexa Battisti, Esquire, and Alejandro Felce, Esquire.  Battisti Law Group was the continuation of the Battisti Law Group started in February 2016.  Mr. Battisti started Battisti Law Group with a very specific law firm in mind.  With nearly 20 years of legal experience, Mr. Battisti set out to create a small, boutique firm that Primarily in assisting Floridians with insurance matters pertaining to their homes.  A person’s home, or business normally represents their most significant investment.  Insuring that home properly is a very important step to preserve that investment.

Unlike some firms who take every case that arrives at their door, Battisti Law Group, like Battisti Law Group before it, specializes in residential and commercial insurance matters.  Each attorney at Battisti represents individuals, and businesses who have their insurance claims denied, or reduced unfairly by their insurance carrier.  By specializing in this specific area of law, the attorneys at Battisti Law Group are Experienced at reading and interpreting insurance policies.  And because we specialize in property insurance cases, our attorneys are also extremely knowledgeable in the types of construction common for insurance claims involving weather, water leakages, fire, and other hazards to a home or building.  In fact, most of Battisti Law Group’s attorneys are certified by the IICRC, the country’s foremost organization that creates widely recognized standards for restoring property following these kinds of losses.

At Battisti Law Group we believe that when a legal problem arises, people are best suited when finding an attorney who specializes in that area of the law.  Not only are our attorneys Experienceds at these cases, but they are also familiar with insurers present in Florida, as well as their attorneys, and the many policies offered to Florida’s property owners.  And because Battisti Law Group takes their cases to court if a fair settlement is not offered, our attorneys are also familiar with the specific aspects of Florida law that applies to these claims, and the Judges that preside over these cases.  This specialization allows you to tip the legal scales in your favor when you have an insurance claim for your home or business. 

Finally, because Battisti Law Group is ready and able to take your case to court, many of our services can be provided on a contingency basis, meaning our legal fees will be paid by your insurance company for failing to properly pay your claim.  Florida law provides that in most cases when a consumer sues their property insurer for unpaid benefits, any recovery of those benefits in court requires the insurer to pay for the consumer’s legal fees, and costs as an additional recovery.  So not only does the carrier pay your legal costs if you win your case, but our fee does not come out of your recovery like a car accident lawyer.  You keep all of the benefits recovered, and our fees are paid by the insurance company in addition to your benefits.