Welcome to our newly revised website. We hope that our site will better serve your needs as we continue to expand the size, and breadth of our law firm. Like you, we have struggled to find our way through the COVID labyrinth, and look forward to the time we can get back to somewhat “normal” times.

We are pleased to inform you that our law firm has remained open, and productive throughout the pandemic, although our offices themselves remain closed. Our staff has been relocated to their homes, along with all necessary equipment, and we have been able to keep our cases moving forward. We can assure our clients that we can continue our superior service regardless how long this interruption continues. We are well aware that our clients’ cases are of utmost importance, and they cannot be delayed, or set aside due to this pandemic.

Make no mistake, the insurance carriers are not sitting idly by either. We have become aware of a significant trend of insurance carriers dramatically changing their insurance policies to limit their exposure to your claims. Despite the fact that many of these changes have significate reductions in the actual amount of insurance you have, these changes are done with little fanfare or notice to you, the consumer. Often these changes come buried in the policy, a document already as user unfriendly as possible. The Florida Department of Insurance is supposed to protect you from unfair practices. But that is the topic of another Blog.

If you are relying on your insurance agents to keep you apprised of these changes, you may be making a costly mistake. Many agents, like in all professions, are well intentioned, and sincerely want to keep their clients informed. However, our experience has shown that many agents do not have a mastery of the policies themselves, let alone the ability to adequately advise you if you have a claim. My own agent thanked me for bringing some significant changes being proposed in my own policy, virtually admitting he did not even know they were there. Even when they are aware of the changes, agents often lack a claims handling background to be able to inform you just how these changes will affect you in the reality of a loss. This can be especially true of independent agents, who sell many different policies, with very different provisions.

You should also be aware that many insurance companies are now issuing policies that give them the right to hire their own repair company to fix your home, under something called a “Managed Care” program. Not only are some of these repair companies wholly owned by the insurance company themselves, (believe it or not, that’s true) but the policy actually permits them to determine the scope of the repairs. Does an insurance company care about the quality of the repairs to your home the same way that you would? Can you imagine turning over complete control of your largest asset to someone who just wants to save money?

Unfortunately, waiting until claim time to examine your policy can leave you with few options. In many policies, if you have a water leak claim, far and away the most common claim you will experience, your policy limit is $10,000.00. For everything, regardless of how much damage is done, and it may even include your additional living expenses should you need to leave your home. It does not matter what it says on your Declarations Page. You may have what you think is several hundred thousand dollars of coverage, when in fact, you only have $10,000.00 no matter how much damage is done. What if your water leak begins upstairs and flows downstairs involving the entire home? Do you have enough in savings to make up the difference. Believe it or not, but you won’t even get a premium discount for this horrendous provision even it has basically gutted your policy. Are you sure your policy does not have this provision?

Our firm is happy to discuss your policy with you well before a claim occurs. We are happy to provide this free service because we see the horror stories of customers coming to us after learning how they have been taken advantage of. But you can fight back, Our firm can represent you without charging you any attorney’s fees. Because when we win, the insurance company is required to pay our fees for you. And if you lose, we lose right along with you.

Don’t tackle this important decision on your own. Put an Experienced in your corner, and tip the scales of justice in your favor.