At Battisti Law Group, although we specialize in litigating disputes of insurance claims, we are a firm that offers an array of services both within our specialty, as well as other areas of the law in which we have considerable experience. Our lawyers were hand-picked because they had already established themselves as effective litigators in our state, and/or gained significant experience in the handling of property insurance claim, as well as other areas of the law. Battisti Law Group does not expect our clients to be satisfied with a newly hired law school graduate being “supervised” by a more experienced lawyer. Not only do the attorneys at Battisti Law Group have the knowledge and experience needed to handle your claim through to resolution, but we have created an environment where all attorneys routinely share their experiences with the group, so that each member of our team has the most updated information.

We at Battisti Law Group are very proud of the men and women who make up our firm, and we look forward for the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your insurance purchases for your home and/or business. Insurance policies are written by insurance companies, for the benefit of insurance companies. You need an Experienced on your side when dealing with the purchase of these policies, and especially when you need to make a claim. You need a specialist on your side. Someone who knows what the insurance companies know, and even a little bit more. We look forward to serving you.

One way we seek to establish such a relationship is offering a totally free service which will evaluate your insurance policies for you at the time of purchase, or any time after the purchase. Often, potential clients approach our office to assist with a claim denial, or a significantly lower amount of coverage than they expected, only to be told for the first time that what they actually bought is far different from what they were told, or believed when they purchased the policy. In an effort to avoid those circumstances, we hope to review these policies before there is a claim, by offering this free service.

Many individuals, or businesses rely on their insurance agents to advise them on what they need from their insurance coverage. We have found that agents often lack a detailed understanding of the policies they sell, instead using price as a way to earn your business. Before you spend substantial money on an insurance policy, doesn’t it make sense to make sure you know exactly what you are buying? And beyond that, how the insurance companies will use these things against you at claims time? Of course you would, and that’s why we offer this service to anyone.



One of the most trying, and emotional experiences anyone can face, are those challenges in the area of family law. Difficult challenges such as divorce, alimony, and child support can seem manageable at the outset of the proceedings. But as any family law attorney can attest, these matters rarely resolve easily, or expectedly. Our attorneys have extensive backgrounds in family law involving people of all economic backgrounds, up to the most complex, and substantial estates. Don’t wait until your case takes a nasty, unexpected turn. Speak to one of our attorneys for a free initial consult, or invest in a more comprehensive meeting so you can stay ahead of the process.


Our firm’s considerable experience in property insurance law has also given us the opportunity to assist our clients with a full array of real estate services. This can be as common as the purchase of your new home, or investment and commercial opportunities. Even if you have someone assisting you, if you have any unresolved questions, or simply want another Experienced opinion, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns, or just provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. A small investment before you sign those contracts, can save you a fortune in the way of surprises later.


If your legal needs involve your business, or if you are looking into starting your own business, Battisti Law Group can help you with that as well. Often, people develop a tremendous skill at their chosen vocation, but sometimes their knowledge of business has not been a priority until they consider starting their company. Having been through that process ourselves, as well as assisting other clients either start, or preserve their business, our firm can be an asset in helping you avoid the pitfalls from which many companies are unable to recover. Meet with the professionals at Battisti Law Group if you are in the need of business legal services, or just want to get some advice as you consider such a monumental decision. We would love to help you realize your dreams of owning your own business.

Finally, although we are not a high volume personal injury firm, Battisti Law Group attorneys have considerable experience at handling accident/injury cases. For more than 20 years our staff has handled over a thousand personal injury cases, taken many of them to trial. We do not believe in broadcasting your personal financial information to advertise our legal prowess. Many large firms gloat over their impressive “recoveries,” but how do you know that the attorney who obtained those results will handle your case?  Or, how much of those “recoveries” actually went to the law firm for fees and costs?  Large firms handle your cases on a volume basis, with the “better” cases going to the better attorneys.  All of our attorneys are top level litigators, and each case we have is handled exactly the same.

Our cases come from referrals from many professionals, and former clients who know our firm can make sure your case is handled professionally, and successfully. Before you hire a lawyer due to a commercial, speak to someone from our team, and evaluate our approach to your case as compared to the high volume firms. We feel confident that you will see the value provided by trusting your case to Battisti Law Group.